Litter Box Issues

Cats may have litter box issues. It’s important to not instantly resort to “rehoming” or “surrendering” at the moment this happens. Working with your vet is the best solution to get the situation under control. Jumping

Introducing New Pets to Resident Pets

All animals have different personalities, just like humans. Some animals may instantly like another animal you bring home. Others will not. The most important thing to remember is that it can take time. It may not happen overnight, or even in a few months. It could take a few months.

Introducing Pets to New Baby

Bringing a newborn home does not mean you need to rehome your pet. Pets and babies are able to live together in the same home without any problems. If you fear your pet may not handle the adjustment, there are some specific things to do prior to bringing the baby home that will help with this adjustment.

Some dogs many have food aggression issues. It’s important to try to determine why your dog is doing this and how to get them to stop doing this behavior.

Food Aggression

Introducing Kids to New Pets

When bringing a new pet home, it’s important to teach your children how to respectfully and properly interact with the pet, so no other issues arise (i.e biting, nipping, scratching, etc).

General help