Dog Adoption Application

Please complete all fields.  If the question if not application, enter N/A or Not Applicable.  If you have difficulty with completing this form, please download our application in PDF format.  The completed PDF form can be scanned and emailed to us at  Thank You.

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What is your veterinarian/clinic's phone number?
Are you willing to assume ALL veterinary costs for this dog from the date of adoption forward? *
Even when dogs are potty trained in foster care, they may have accidents transitioning into their new hoes. They will need to learn a new routine, new doors, and neighborhood. Are you willing to commit time and energy to this training? *
Angel of Hope Animal Rescue (AOH) is an organization providing for the adoption of rescue animals to prospective adopters. AOH agrees to provide the animal and the animal’s relevant medical and personal information. The adopter agrees to follow the contact in whole.
By checking the boxes below, you are acknowledging acceptance of each of these statements below:
1. Adopter agrees that this animal will be an indoor pet. Adopter also agrees to provide this animal with proper food, shelter, water, veterinarian care and loving attention *
2. Adopter agrees that if at any time, adopter is unable to keep or care for this animal, adopter will contact AOH to discuss possible options. AOH will do its best to take the pet back into our program, if that is not possible we will discuss other possible options. *
3. Adopter has never been convicted of animal abuse or neglect. *
4. Adopter agrees that AOH has limited, if any, knowledge of animals’ previous environment and therefore is not responsible for the health and temperament of the animal. There will be an adjustment period, especially with older animals and animals in multi pet homes. Please remember to be patient, consistent and understanding. *
5. Adopter may choose to have this animal checked by a licensed veterinarian within fourteen (14) days of adoption. If the veterinarian finds a life threatening condition in this animal that was present at the time of adoption, adopter may return the pet within that 14 day period for a full refund. Additionally, if a medical condition is found in those first two weeks, please contact AOH. We may be able to work with you and our vet partners to treat the pet. Please contact us prior to seeking vet care, we cannot reimburse for treatment that is not handled through our vet partners and authorized prior to treatment. *
6. Adopter acknowledges that this animal is the full legal and financial responsibility of the adopter. AOH is not liable for any action of this animal and you agree to bring no claim against AOH or its agents by reason of this adoption or any action of this animal after the adoption is finalized. The adoption is finalized when the Adoption Application and Adoption Contract have been completed and signed by the adopter and the AOH representative, and the full adoption fee is paid to AOH. *
7. Adopter agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs should AOH pursue legal action for violation of this contract. Adopter agrees that if any part of this contract should be found null and void, it does not nullify the entire contract. *
Angel of Hope reserves the right to refuse adoption services to anyone, at any time, for any reason, if we believe it is not in the best interest of the animal.
I have read each of the above clauses and agree to abide by all of them. I understand that this is a legal contract and by signing this document I am bound to adhere to it. I agree my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual signature on this Application. By selecting "I Accept" I consent to be legally bound by this Application's terms and conditions.
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Date of Application

If for any reason you are unable to take care of this animal, you must contact Angel of Hope. We will do our best to take the dog/puppy back into our program. 
If we are not able to do so, we will discuss other options with you.

Angel of Hope Animal Rescue
reserves the right to determine whether or not it is in the best interests of the animal to be adopted by any individual, and if not, to refuse the adoption.