Cat Foster Application

If you have difficulty with completing this form, please download our application in PDF format.  The completed PDF form can be scanned and emailed to us at  Thank You.

AOH is in constant need of foster homes for cats and kittens while they await adoption. Foster care can be as short as an overnight stay after surgery to a longer term commitment that lasts until the animal gets adopted. AOH will be happy to work with you to meet your needs and match the best foster pet to your household. Typically foster care lasts for 1 to 3 months but may last longer.

AOH will provide all pre-approved medical care and support for you while the cat is in your home. We will provide food, litter and other supplies needed to help ensure fostering is a great experience for you and the pet. You provide training, socialization and lots of love. We try to keep communication open at all times so we help in emergencies.

We love when our foster families bring their foster pets to adoption days. The foster family’s input is very valuable in deciding whether the foster cat is the right choice for prospective adopters.

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AOH will provide all supplies unless foster parent wishes to donate: food, litter, crate, medications, bowls, etc. All supplies given to foster parent are to be returned if you take a break from fostering. *
AOH must approve ALL veterinary services. Any medical services without prior supervisor approval will not be reimbursed, including emergency care, routine care and vaccinations. *
Any injuries requiring medical care sustained by foster parent, their family and their pets from a foster animal shall be paid for by the foster parent and AOH will not be held liable for said medical costs. You must notify AOH as soon as possible about the situation.
AOH volunteers agree to hold AOH and its adoption partners not liable (ie Petsmart, Petco and Chuck and Don’s Pet Food Outlet). *
All foster pets are the property of AOH and they will make final decisions on medical care and adoption placement. *
AOH cannot guarantee the health of any animal placed in foster care. Some diseases such as but not limited to ringworm, kennel cough or upper respiratory disease are contagious to your pets and in the case of ringworm to humans. *
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