Jack Garratt First Ave Surprise Puppy Birthday Party with Angel of Hope!

We had the privilege of surprising Jack Garratt for his 25th birthday with a puppy party which included six adoptable puppies in his dressing room at First Ave during sound check!

The puppies didn’t mind the large sounds at all and were all busy making friends with Jack’s crew before the reveal.

After a few false starts (or stops) of thinking sound check was over, the reveal finally happened:

Jack was clearly very surprised and overjoyed to spend some time with a passion of his – puppies. Highlights include Jack putting a dog carrier sling on then proudly displaying the pup in the sling:

Another highlight was the opening of the gift from Angel of Hope which was a T-Shirt of ours that says “I kissed a dog and I liked it” with our logo on the back:

The biggest highlight from the puppy party was our volunteers sharing the puppy’s stories with them which you can read on our Facebook page.

We thank Jack Garratt + crew for their enthusiasm for animals and for sharing this wonderful opportunity with us! Harley had too much fun at the birthday party and crashed shortly after we left. :)