Adoption Updates



Calhoun is doing great! and he sure does love having his photo taken. He is known as the Office Charmer here!



This is "major" we adopted him from the pets mart in coon rapids about 3 or 4 months ago and I just wanted to share this with you all because he literally has been such a joy in our lives and he has become my best friend. I just sincerely want to thank whoever handled him before we adopted him because he is honestly the coolest cat ever. He also seems to be very aware of whenever I have anxiety because he becomes such a snuggle bug and has been such a help in relieving my panic attacks. I don't need to rely on medication now that I have him. So I just again want to say thank you for this cat, we may have saved his life but really he is saving mine.


Olaf(juice) is 1 today!!! He's so extremely big and loves his big(little) sister! Thanks for such an amazing fluff ball of energy that we love so much!



We adopted Grayson (formerly known as Greybe) about 10 months ago from the Chuck and Don's in Elk River, and he is the light of my life. I am SO grateful for Angel of Hope for rescuing him and getting him his much needed reconstructive surgery. He has not had any complications whatsoever!



It's Ellie's adopt-iversary! We went into the vet this morning for a yearly check-up and they took this picture of us! We are so happy together and cannot believe a year has gone by!

Shiloh (aka Sass)

Today is Shilohs (sass) first birthday! She has grown so much and I've only had her since January! Happy birthday to Shiloh (sass) and her siblings! She got a lil spoiled today with a treat!